MFin Class of 2016/17

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MFin Class of 2016/17* candidates.

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*includes those in the 12-month program (graduating June 2016) as well as those in the 18-month program (graduating February 2017).

Benefits of being in the 18-month program


How time flies! It has been a whole semester since my last blog post. Yesterday marked the end of my final term at Sloan and also the last day of my 19.5-year student life since kindergarten. From now on, I am officially graduated and begin to step into another big … Read more 

Hong Kong Summer Impression


This past summer I have spent with Morgan Stanley Hong Kong. I was told long before that this was going to be a very intensive 10-week program, and as it turns out it was really a life-changing experience for me.
The breathtaking view of Victoria Bay from ICC
I still remember … Read more 

Exit Interview with an MFin ’16

The Lemaire Family at Commencement

When Martin Lemaire applied to the MFin program in early 2015, I interviewed him.  That winter Boston had record amounts of snow, but Martin had no problem reaching my office. He was already living on MIT’s campus as a resident tutor of New House with … Read more 

The Final Countdown


A year went by, and it seems like MFin started just yesterday. Sadly, this year has come to an end, but there are a number of things which I will always cherish and be thankful to MIT and MFin for.
Getting an opportunity to study Finance from the pioneers of Modern … Read more 

Graduating and Remembering the Time Gone By

This past week formally marked the end of my time as an MFin student at MIT. I am currently 12,000 meters up in the air somewhere between Reykjavik and my end destination Stockholm. As I think about the past week I realize how much actually happened.
It started on Wednesday when … Read more 

Farewell to Cambridge, but Not the Last Goodbye to MFin


It is hard to believe how fast the year has gone by. In a few days, I will be joining my fellow MFin 2016s and other MIT graduates in the commencement ceremony when we will be awarded our hard-earned degrees.  However, my MFin journey is so much more than earning … Read more 

What Actually Happened?


After a period of silence here on the blog, my classmates and I are slowly resurfacing back to life after exams. For the people in the 12-month program this marked our last finals at MIT and preparation is now focused on graduation on June 3rd.
If you would have asked me … Read more 

UK Finance Tour 2016

[Prequel] The mystery of switched luggage
    12 hours of traveling and layover, we finally landed in my long-coveted dream land, London. The weather was colder than expected, but elegant British accents and splendid low-rise buildings made all of my coldness and fatigue clear away. 8:30 local time, we successfully … Read more 

Dear Prospective MFin – say YES!

Dear prospective MFin,
First of all, congratulations – getting that letter of acceptance was no easy task! You have spent hours editing your essays, studying for the GRE/GMAT and chasing professors after recommendation letters.
Now let me tell you why I came to MIT Sloan and why I think you should too:
The … Read more 

Xiexie, Shanghai: China Lab 2016

Ni hao everyone out there!
As I enter the final leg of my program at MIT Sloan, I wanted to share my experiences from China Lab. China Lab is one of the action learning courses offered at MIT Sloan wherein MIT Sloan students, along with students from a partner Chinese university, work on … Read more 

Congratulations Incoming MFin Class

For the majority part of the day, the people in the MFin program office have been busy calling up applicants with the good news of admission to the MFin program at MIT. For all of you who received a phone call, congratulations! Throughout February I have been participating in lunches … Read more 

Financial Research Practicum

It has been a long time since my last post, and I finally find some time before the spring break to finish this promised blogpost about Financial Research Practicum.
Financial Research Practicum is an opportunity for MFin, MBA or students from other programs to work with a wide range of companies … Read more