MFin Class of 2017/2018

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MFin Class of 2017/18* candidates.

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*includes those in the 12-month program (graduating June 2017) as well as those in the 18-month program (graduating February 2018).

My Last MFin Post


Last Friday, students from all MIT gathered at the Killian Court to graduate, symbolizing the end of a chapter and successful completion of various difficult requirements. During the ceremony, Tim Cook’s speech felt both inspirational and nostalgic pointing out how selective and highly capable the group of students is. People … Read more 

3 New Skills Sloan Taught Me


I am grateful to many things that Sloan has given me, but one thing I particularly value is the flexibility of the program. Besides the myriad of courses available here, we are also free to register for classes in the main campus, cross-register to other institutions such as Harvard, or … Read more 

At Sloan: A One-day Conference is worth a Year-long Experience


Any student at Sloan is able to join any student run clubs of his interest at the beginning of the school year. Sloan clubs include anything from Quantitative Finance to Basketball. In addition to these, there are multiple student-managed conferences that Sloan students partake in including – the world-famous … Read more 

My FRP: Familiar Place, Less-than-familiar Experience

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I had the chance to interview at MIT Sloan for the MFin program.  Unsurprisingly, a lot has changed. For one, I can get around campus much quicker, and I know which building ‘e62’ is. Remarkably, however, much has not changed. Most important … Read more 

My IAP Trip to Rwanda


During IAP(another blogger Luiz just posted a wonderful blog introducing IAP), I spent nearly two weeks in Kigali, Rwanda, a small but unique East African country that is recovering from the horrible genocide in 1994. Before the trip, I had little knowledge of this country and was even a … Read more 

Groundhog Day Interview Tips


You know, Groundhog Day has to be the most peculiar holiday I know of, if you can even call it one. As a kid, I was absolutely mesmerized that there was a groundhog, pretty much a gigantic chipmunk, that had the supernatural ability to know winter doesn’t end in early … Read more 



This time, I want to talk about the Independent Activities Period (also known as IAP). IAP happens in January and everyday all month there are many interesting courses to choose from. Among those classes, there is the Finance Research Practicum (FRP), and although it’s opened to basically all of MIT, … Read more 

Fall Semester Course Reflections

Having completed my first full semester in the MIT Master of Finance program, I continue to be amazed by the scope and breadth of the classes on offer and the unsurpassed quality of instruction we receive.  As the holiday break ends and the spring semester approaches, I would like to … Read more 

MFins Embracing Spontaneity on Thanksgiving Break

If you ask my friend about my willingness to “do something on Thanksgiving” on the weeks and days leading to it, my answers were unequivocally non-committal. Among my responses, “For how many nights again?” and, “Where should we go?”, “who else is coming?”, “I probably have too much work”… and … Read more 

“Mens et Manus”

As the first wave of wintery winds cast off the last of the golden autumn leaves, the MFin Class of 2017 is at the half-way mark till the completion of the degree prorgamme. At this juncture, I wanted to share one of the things that I particularly enjoyed in the programme … Read more 

4 Reasons Why I Love Sloan


The moment I put down this title, I realized there could be tons of reasons of why I love Sloan. In this post. I would like to share four of them.
1.Bridge the gap
At Sloan, we do not just learn theories, we use them as a tool to solve real world … Read more 

MFin Flexibility: Classes at MIT Main Campus and Harvard

The Stata Center, designed by Frank Gehry, home of the EECS department
One of the main reasons why I chose to come to MIT and especially picked the MFin program is the incredible flexibility. The required curriculum is very limited and there is ample opportunity to pursue your personal interests … Read more