Time Flies Fast!

Summer has come to an end for MFins. Meeting so many new friends from all over the world is indeed overwhelming but very exciting and educational. I got to listen to my classmates’ stories and experiences from thousands of miles away which is very cool. Diversity is one of the best characteristic of the MFin program because by meeting 100+ people from different backgrounds very much broadened my horizon, more importantly, it helped me to understand and have a clearer image of goals I want to achieve in the future.

I’ve been at MIT for only 2 months and I already loved it here, it’s more about the people you talk to and whom you learn from. It’s such a fascinating place that whatever you want to do, you can always find someone who share the same goal as you and is willing to work with you toward that goal. Of course, job hunting during the fall will likely be challenging and frustrating but it feels so much better when you can share this frustration with others and be encouraged by others.

Cruise Dance Party – Photo Credit to Andrei Cretu


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