We are Animals

Our safari tours were the first days on this trip that we’ve had to wake up very early in the morning to get started. I’m not a morning person, but boy were the wake-ups worth it.

Two distinct memories with these animals will stay with me for years to come:

1) A pack of Lions at 6am

It’s hard to describe how close we were to these animals.  Five safari vans surrounding them from every angle and hundreds of snapchats and photos being taken every minute. Yet the lions were so calm. They were so carefree, and completely oblivious of our presence. We were told that as long as we stayed in the vehicles, we were like rocks to them. Rocks that moved and followed them I guess. It’s pretty crazy to think that if we had just stepped out of our jeeps a meter away, how drastically different this whole dynamic would be. But in our vans, we were safe. Safe to watch them, snap photos, and admire the gracefulness of nature. It was a truly spectacular sight.

2) Territory marking among giraffes

The thing about going a true safari is that there’s not always toilets nearby. Yet with the number of beverages at and after lunch, it’s hard for a group of ladies to go too long without being in search of a field. Our site of choice was among tall yellow grass, and about 200 ft away from a line of majestic giraffes that shared this grass field with us. I think I finally understand why animals feel the need to mark their territories. There’s something very rewarding about the whole experience. Being one with nature. Performing necessary bodily functions. And doing all of this with 4 of your best friends. A part of us will be there forever.

Grass & Giraffs

Sloanfari Team

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