• Building Community

    Building Community

    Many programs, one MIT Sloan community

    In the World, For the World

    In the world, for the world

    Apply classroom knowledge in new ways

    A Strong Support System

    A strong support system

    Sustaining a culture of authentic connection

  • Here For You and With You

    MIT Sloan Student Life is here to promote caring, contribution, and community across all of MIT Sloan's degree programs. We are here to help students navigate their MIT Sloan experience and the many resources at their disposal while supporting a diverse and caring student culture.

  • Caring, Contribution, and Community

    Student Clubs

    MIT Sloan Student Life works with over 60 student clubs representing dozens of activities and interests to allow students to get hands-on leadership experience and to build a stronger Sloan community.

    Student Conferences

    Each year, students and clubs at MIT Sloan plan professional conferences focusing on a wide variety of regions, industries, and themes.

    MIT Sloan Senate

    The Student Life Office works closely with the MIT Sloan Senate, which represents the Sloan graduate student community and leads initiatives to enhance the student experience.

    Study Tours and Treks

    MIT Sloan students have the opportunity to lead and participate on Study Tours and Treks that allow them to gain further knowledge of particular cultures, industries, or themes.