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  • We're Here for You

    The Student Life Office fosters a culture of collaboration, contribution, and caring across all of MIT Sloan's degree programs. Our staff works to build authentic connections and an environment of inclusion throughout the school. In an effort to strengthen MIT Sloan's culture, we organize a wide range of community events and programs and provide an array of ongoing personal support services for students. 

    As you face both opportunities and challenges during your time at MIT Sloan, the Student Life Office is here to help. Our staff supports your success and development as you apply and test your classroom knowledge and leadership skills in new ways by organizing and running clubs and events, by participating in student government, and by planning conferences, study tours, and treks. We support you as an individual with personal advising, crisis support, and leadership coaching. And we support the MIT Sloan community as a whole by sponsoring school-wide gatherings that build community, promote diversity and inclusion, strengthen MIT Sloan's values, and enhance the principle-centered culture that makes MIT Sloan such a great place to be.

    MIT Sloan's mission is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice. The Student Life Office is here to strengthen the collaborative, inclusive environment that enables each student to participate in the pursuit of that mission.