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    The Student Life Office sponsors community events and aids students in their organizing, planning, and funding of clubs, conferences, treks, and other initiatives.

    We plan special occasions throughout the year to bring the MIT Sloan community together and to foster a spirit of collaboration and inclusion, with events ranging from all-school gatherings like Oktoberfest and the Sloan Follies to small-group Course XV dinners.

    The opportunities to learn outside the classroom at MIT Sloan are unparalleled, and our staff supports students in many of their endeavors. The school's clubs and other student organizations serve as laboratories for leadership, providing you with myriad ways to take on new roles and try new skills, all while having a great time.

    There are student-run clubs for nearly every possible activity and interest, from soccer and gourmet dining to management consulting and quantitative finance. We can help you get new clubs off the ground and provide guidance and support for club activities throughout the year. MIT Sloan also offers student government and leadership forums, including the MIT Sloan Senate, the MIT Sloan Activities Board, and the Dean's Student Advisory Council.

    The Student Life staff also provides ongoing services to support MIT Sloan students on a personal level, offering personal advising, crisis support, and leadership coaching to help you grow and thrive during your time at MIT Sloan. These services are tailored to your personal needs and goals and are available at all times, whether on a drop-in basis or as a series of regular sessions.

    In these activities and in other special events, the Student Life staff promotes a vibrant culture of diversity and inclusion. We lead the MIT Sloan Values Committee and work to ensure a culture of respect, integrity, and collaboration throughout the school.