We Believe in a Sustainable Future

The mission of the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan is to create and spread innovative management practices, business models, and supporting market infrastructures that make effective, sustainable use of natural and human resources and advance human welfare.  We do this through the joint efforts of MIT students and alumni, faculty and researchers, and partners in business, government, NGOs, and hybrid organizations.

Our Core Values

Passionate pragmatism

We feel deep urgency around the challenges facing the world today, but believe passionately in our collective ability to create a more sustainable future. We harness this passion with a pragmatic approach that empowers people and organizations to work toward solutions that are attainable and practical.

Disciplined curiosity

The students, researchers, faculty, and business partners who engage with the Sustainability Initiative are united by an intellectual curiosity about sustainability and a commitment to academic rigor. We believe that a firm grounding in data, investigation, and analysis yields work that is legitimate and worthy of recognition.

Collaborative innovation

We create connections between researchers, academics, and business leaders. Built on humility, shared beliefs, and mutual respect, these collaborations unite stakeholders with different strengths, resources, and perspectives. They spark innovation that yields fresh thinking and exciting new approaches to tackling the challenges of sustainability.