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  • 15-2: Business Analytics

    The 15-2 Business Analytics major is a mixture of topics traditionally taught in Operations Research that includes Statistics and Data Analysis. Business Analytics informs the scientific process of using data to make better decisions in business and other domains. By using data analysis, optimization techniques, and modeling tools, students in the field of Business Analytics have the potential to make sense of big data across myriad sectors.

    The major in Business Analytics will prepare students in the mathematical disciplines of data analysis and optimization to think critically about data and use data in meaningful ways. Business Analytics focuses on using mathematical approaches to help improve decision making and performance in business. To better understand business situations, students focus on collecting and analyzing data, drawing on probability and statistics. In order to improve performance, students develop useful mathematical models, taking into account the inherent uncertainties and the complexity, drawing on optimization methods and stochastic (probabilistic) modeling.

    Students can choose to major or minor in 15-2 Business Analytics.