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  • Minor in Management

    The Minor in Management provides students in other MIT majors with an understanding of the business, social, and organizational dimensions of scientific and technological enterprise.

    The minor comprises three required subjects and three electives. The required subjects are as follows:

    Required subjectsUnits
    People and Organizations

    Managerial Psychology Laboratory, provided that it is taken after Fall 2008

     And the following two subjects: 
     15.501 Corporate Financial Accounting12
     15.812 Marketing Management9

    No substitutions will be permitted for these subjects.

    Students may choose for their electives any three MIT Sloan subjects normally open to MIT undergraduates, subject to the following conditions:

    • UROP, Special Studies, Special Seminars, or general-elective transfer credit may not be used.
    • Each subject must carry at least nine units of credit.
    • Two six-unit subjects count as a single elective.
    •  15.301 can be used as an elective only if it was taken prior to Spring 2009.
    • Neither 15.310 or 15.668 may be used as electives.
    • Students may use 18.443 as a substitution for 15.075 (as an elective option).
    •  14.01 may also be used as an elective.

    No other substitutions will be permitted for elective subjects.

    The following MIT Sloan subjects are recommended as electives:

    Recommended Electives (two six-unit subjects count as one elective)Units
     Behavioral Science 
     15.223 Global Markets, National Policies and the Competitive Advantages of Firms6
     15.665 Power and Negotiation9
     Finance and Accounting 
     15.411 Finance Theory I9
     15.521 Management Accounting and Control9
     15.535 Business Analysis Using Financial Statements9
     Information Technologies 
     15.567 The Economics of Information: Strategy, Structure and Pricing9
     Management Science 
     15.053 or15.058Optimization Methods12
     15.054 The Airline Industry12
     15.761 Introduction to Operations Management9
     15.762 Supply Chain Planning6
     15.763 Manufacturing System and Supply Chain Design6
     15.871 Introduction to System Dynamics6
     15.872 System Dynamics II6
     15.821 Listening to the Customer6
     15.822 Strategic Market Measurement6

    MIT Sloan Bidding

    MIT Sloan uses a course bidding system to determine enrollment in graduate courses. Students should pre-register and bid for each MIT Sloan graduate subject they wish to take the following term. Students enrolled in the Minor in Management will be given MIT Sloan student priority for graduate subjects on the list of recommended electives above.

    Students who wish to take undergraduate classes (those designated “U” in the MIT Subject Listing & Schedule) should pre-register for them as they would any other MIT course. (Bidding is not necessary.)

    For additional information about the bidding process, visit the MIT Sloan Bidding site.

    15.668 won’t be offered in Spring 2014. For this term only, students have the option of taking 15.310as a substitute for 15.668. (15.310 is a nine-unit version of 15.301.)

    † Additional information about 15.053 and 15.058 can be found on Prof. James Orlin’s faculty pages.