• Business Analytics and Operations Research (BAOR)

    The Business Analytics and Operations Research concentration provides students with scientific, mathematical, and engineering approaches that promote effective and informed managerial decision making. As part of the Management Science major, students learn fundamental analytical methodologies including optimization, probability, and statistics. Students in the BAOR concentration have opportunities to master additional analytical skills in areas such as artificial intelligence, data mining, forecasting, game theory, risk analysis, and systems dynamics. Students also have the opportunity to learn where these techniques can be effectively employed, such as in manufacturing systems, supply chain management, transportation planning, health care management, and engineering design.

    Required subjects Units
    15.053 or 15.058*† Optimization Methods 12
    15.761* Introduction to Operations Management 9
    Plus two full subjects from the following list (two six-unit subjects count as one elective) Units
    2.852 Manufacturing Systems Analysis 12
    6.034 Artificial Intelligence 12
    6.046 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 12
    6.938 Engineering Risk-Benefit Analysis 12
    14.12 Economic Applications of Game Theory 12
    15.025 Game Theory for Strategic Advantage 9
    15.034 Metrics for Managers: Big Data and Better Answers 9
    15.062 Data Mining: Finding the Data and Models that Create Value 6
    15.068 Statistical Consulting 9
    15.071 The Analytics Edge 12
    15.073 Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods 12
    15.762 Supply Chain Planning 6
    15.763 Manufacturing System and Supply Chain Design 6
    15.770 Logistics Systems 12
    15.772 D-Lab: Supply Chains 9
    15.871 Introduction to System Dynamics 6
    15.872 System Dynamics II 6
    15.875 Applications of System Dynamics 9
    18.433 Combinatorial Optimization 12

    Prof. James Orlin provides a list of additional BAOR electives and information about the concentration on his BAOR Concentration pages.

    * 15.053, 15.058, and 15.761 also satisfy departmental requirements.

    † Additional information about 15.053 and 15.058 can be found on Prof. James Orlin’s faculty pages.