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  • Finance

    Finance is the study of what organizations invest in, how much they invest, where and how they obtain funds to invest, and how capital markets work.

    Finance is concerned with value — how management decisions affect the value of the firm to its shareholders and how capital markets direct funds to the most valuable uses.

    Specific problems that financial analysts address depend on whether the point of view is that of a corporation, an individual or institutional investor, or public policy.

    Required subjects Units
    15.411* Finance Theory I 9
    15.412 Finance Theory II 9
    Plus two full subjects from the following list (two six-unit subjects count as one elective)  Units
    15.433 Investments 9
    15.434 Advanced Corporate Finance 9
    15.437 Options and Futures Markets 9
    15.438 Fixed Income Securities and Derivatives 9
    15.439 Investment Management 9
    15.444 International Finance: Corporate Finance 9
    15.445 Mergers and Acquisitions: The Market for Corporate Control 6
    15.447 International Finance: Capital Markets 6
    15.450 Analytics of Finance 12
    15.460 Applied Quantitative Finance 9
    15.466 Functional and Strategic Finance 9
    15.467 Retirement Finance, Lifecycle Investing and Asset Management 9
    15.518   Taxes and Business Strategy 9
    15.535 Business Analysis Using Financial Statements 9

    * 15.411 also satisfies a departmental requirement.