• Marketing Science

    The Marketing Science concentration provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in strategic marketing functions such as new product development, pricing, sales force management, advertising, promotion, and consumer information management.

    Required subjects Units
    15.812* Marketing Management 9
    Plus one or more of the following (two six-unit subjects count as one elective)  
    1.202 Demand Modeling 12
    15.068 Statistical Consulting 9
    15.818 Pricing 9
    15.821 Listening to the Customer 6
    15.822 Strategic Market Measurement 6
    Plus as many of the following as needed to total four full subjects (two six-unit subjects count as one elective)  
    15.828 Design and Marketing New Products 9
    15.833 Business-to-Business Marketing 6
    15.834 Marketing Strategy 9
    15.846 Branding 6
    15.847 Consumer Behavior 9

    * 15.812 also satisfies a departmental requirement.