• Student Profiles

  • Kathleen Chen

    Course 15-1 major (Marketing concentration)
    Class of 2017
    Westchester, NY

    What have you found most useful in your Course 15 classes?
    I have really noticed how attentive and aware the professors in my Course 15 classes are. The professors pay very close attention to the students, and are available to speak with students. This

    Taylor Rose

    Course 15 (BAOR concentration) and Course 17 double major
    Class of 2016
    Bronxville, NY

    You participated in a UROP for the MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (REAP). What was that experience like?
    I began my UROP last September and was working on content creation and content strategy for

    Isaac Silberberg

    Course 14 and Course 17 double major, with a Course 15 minor in Management
    Class of 2016
    Brookline, MA

    What’s been the most surprising thing about your MIT Sloan experience so far?
    I should have expected it, but the other students really make the courses shine. Professors are great about augmenting their experiences and perspectives on topics with input from students

    Harris Stolzenberg

    Course 15-3 major
    Class of 2017
    Weston, FL

    Why did you choose to attend MIT?
    MIT was the best mix for me athletically, academically, and socially. I am lucky enough to get to play two sports in college while going to one of the best universities in the world. As an added
  • Alumni Profiles

  • Haldun Anil

    Course 15 (Finance concentration) and Course 14 double major
    Class of 2015
    Istanbul, Turkey

    Can you tell us about your experience with some of the faculty at MIT Sloan?
    One of my most positive faculty experiences has been with Terence Heagney, who taught Management Communication for Undergraduates (15.279). Besides being a brilliant and

    Andrea Gutierrez

    Course 15 major (Marketing Science concentration)
    Class of 2015
    Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

    You did an internship with Nielsen. Can you tell me about that?
    I worked with Nielsen for two summers. The first summer I worked there, I did some consulting analytical work for Wal-Mart, more specifically, Sam’s Club. Some of the things I worked on

    Caroline Shinkle

    Course 14, with a Course 15 minor in Management and minor in Course 21F
    Class of 2015
    Dayton, OH

    Why did you decide to minor in management?
    I am focused on pursuing a career at the intersection of economics, law, and policy. For that reason, it is essential that I develop a firm grasp of the management discipline. I view a background