• Caroline Shinkle

    Course 14, with a Course 15 minor in Management and minor in Course 21F
    Class of 2015
    Dayton, OH

    Why did you decide to minor in management?
    I am focused on pursuing a career at the intersection of economics, law, and policy. For that reason, it is essential that I develop a firm grasp of the management discipline. I view a background in management as a directly transferable skill that will add significant value to my short-term and long-term professional objectives.
    What projects at MIT are you currently working on?
    I am MIT’s first-ever Student Ambassador for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). In that capacity, I am building programs to create awareness for the organization, consisting of 34 member countries that work with governments to understand what drives social, environmental, and economic change.
    Discuss Camp USA and why you founded it?
    I founded Camp USA (United Student-Leaders of America) in 2010 to give a voice to the rising generation and to inspire them toward life-long political involvement. The camp, a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan and free annual summer program, is targeted toward middle school and high school students. Through interactive, creative, and upbeat hands-on activities, participants are immersed in the political arena.
    Are you currently active in local or national politics?
    I am serving my third term as President of the MIT College Republican Club, which I founded as an inclusive entity welcome to all members of the MIT community. To encourage the exchange of ideas, I created the club’s Political Lecture Series as an open forum. I was also a Massachusetts Delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.