• Isaac Silberberg

    Course 14 and Course 17 double major, with a Course 15 minor in Management
    Class of 2016
    Brookline, MA

    What’s been the most useful Course 15 class that you’ve taken?
    Managerial Psychology Laboratory (15.301) was an enumeration of things I had seen around me or begun to notice in the workplace and in my leadership positions in campus organizations. But [the class] did an incredible job articulating them and went deeper than I would have discovered on my own. Power and Negotiation (15.665) has also been an incredible class. It’s everything good about MIT Sloan – taking a class filled with MBAs as an undergrad, and getting hands-on experience with really complex simulations and exercises.
    What’s been the most surprising thing about your MIT Sloan experience so far?
    I should have expected it, but the other students really make the courses shine. Professors are great about augmenting their experiences and perspectives on topics with input from students, and the professors really encourage the dialogue.
    Have you done an internship?
    I spent the summer of 2014 working in Washington, D.C., at the Brookings Institution in the Metropolitan Policy Program. I worked in development, which is a fancy way of saying I was in charge of keeping our research and findings moving between our research teams and our partners.
    What are your activities outside of class?
    I’m very involved in my fraternity, as well as the MIT Undergraduate Association. I’m passionate about MIT working well for as many people as possible, and I think that’s something we still need to improve on. I’m a giant government and policy nerd.