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  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

    One of the biggest benefits of studying at MIT is the chance to participate in Undergraduate Research Projects (UROP), partnerships between undergraduates and faculty working on established faculty research projects or an undergraduate's own research idea. 

    But what does a UROP at MIT look like when it doesn't involve a physical lab space with beakers and circuit boards? 

    At MIT Sloan, our UROPs can involve data analysis on stock prices for reverse mergers, helping to create a test instrument for measuring online collaboration, or a literature review on consumer behavior in the fashion industry. Our students work directly with MIT Sloan faculty, helping them to move their research forward-- research they then will bring back into the classrooms and share beyond MIT. 

    For a list of current UROPs in Course 15, please visit the UROP website.

    Sampling of Recent UROP Projects:

    • Catering Theory of Dividends [Accounting]
    • Variation in Healthcare Spending Between College Towns [Applied Economics]
    • CISR Ecosystems Project [Center for Information Systems Research]
    • Gentrification and Household Leverage [Finance]
    • Measuring Collective Intelligence with Video Games [Information Technology]
    • A Three Part Study of the Interaction of IP Law, Ethics, and Finance [Law]
    • How Status Affects Decision Making [Marketing]
    • Kidney Exchange Program [Operations Management]
    • Applied Integer Programming [Operations Research and Statistics]
    • Trends in Organizational Structure and Culture Among High-Tech Firms [Organization Studies]
    • Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry [Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management [TIES]