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  • Major and Minors

    Course 15 offers a business education that can be found only at MIT: technological expertise with a managerial focus. The undergraduate program was founded in 1914 as a course in Engineering Administration. Today, MIT Sloan offers three distinctive undergraduate programs that give you flexibility to determine the best direct or complementary path through MIT.

  • Major in Management Science

    Management science is a professional discipline that applies the scientific and mathematical approaches of operations research to managerial decision-making. It combines quantitative methods such as probabilistic analysis, statistical inference, optimization, mathematical modeling, and computer programming with qualitative skills in communication, psychology, and organizational behavior. Management science is applied in virtually all areas of business, industry, and government.
  • Minor in Management:

    The Minor in Management provides undergraduates with an understanding of the business, human, social, and organizational dimensions of scientific and technological enterprise.

    Minor in Management Science:

    The Minor in Management Science introduces undergraduates to the techniques of quantitative business analysis and their application to practical problems. Its focus reflects the core content of the Course 15 major in management science.
  • For additional information about Course 15, please see the MIT Bulletin