• Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

    One of the biggest benefits of studying at MIT is the chance to participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), which enables MIT undergraduates to work directly with faculty on research—either an established faculty project or a project of the undergraduate's own design.

    What does a Course 15 UROP look like? 

    At MIT Sloan, our research ranges from analyzing data on stock prices for reverse mergers, to creating a test instrument for measuring online collaboration, to studying consumer behavior in the fashion industry. UROPs allow undergraduates to advance faculty research, and the faculty, in turn bring, that knowledge into the classrooms, and the world.

    How do I find a faculty member to work with?

    Many UROPs aren’t advertised on the UROP site because instructors connect with students by talking about their research in class, through discussions with their advisees, and when students approach them individually. It’s relatively easy to follow up with a professor when you know him or her as your advisor or instructor, but students often wonder how to go about identifying and approaching someone they have never met, but with whom they might share a research interest.

    The Sloan Expertise Guide is a great resources for identifying potential UROP supervisors. There you can search for faculty members by topics of expertise.

    Where can I find more information?

    Please visit the UROP website for a list of available projects.