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Published papers:

Ely Dahan and John R. Hauser (2001), Managing a Dispersed Product Development Process, Handbook of Marketing, Bart Weitz and Robin Wensley, eds., (New York, NY: Sage Publications).

Ely Dahan and John R. Hauser (2001), The Virtual Customer, Journal of Product Innovation Management, 19, 5, (September), 332-354.
Finalist, PDMA Best Paper Award in 2003.

Theodoros Evgeniou, Constantinos Boussios, and Giorgos Zacharia (2004), Generalized Robust Conjoint Estimation, forthcoming Marketing Science. See also Technical Appendix.

John R. Hauser and Vithala R. Rao Conjoint Analysis, Related Modeling, and Applications, Chapter prepared for Advances in Marketing Research: Progress and Prospects [A tribute to Paul Green's Contributions to Marketing Research Methodology].

John R. Hauser, Gerald Tellis, and Abbie Griffin (2005), Research on Innovation: A Review and Agenda for Marketing Science, forthcoming, Marketing Science.

John R. Hauser and Olivier Toubia (2005), The Impact of Utility Balance and Endogeneity in Conjoint Analysis, forthcoming Marketing Science. See also Technical Appendix.

Drazen Prelec (2004), A Bayesian Truth Serum for Subjective Data, Science, 306, (October 15), 462-466.

Olivier Toubia, John R. Hauser and Duncan I. Simester (2004) "Polyhedral Methods for Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis," Journal of Marketing Research, 41, 1, (February), 116-131. Also Table Update.
Finalist, Paul Green Award for contributions to the practice of marketing research.

Olivier Toubia, Duncan I. Simester, John R. Hauser and Ely Dahan (2003) "Fast Polyhedral Adaptive Conjoint Estimation," Marketing Science. 22, 3, (Summer), 273-303 Download laptop bag data.
First Place, John D. C. Little Award for Best Article in the Marketing Sciences Literature, 2003.
First Place, Frank M. Bass Award for the Best Article based on a dissertation, 2005.

Glen L. Urban and John R. Hauser (2003), "'Listening In' to Find Unmet Customer Needs and Solutions," May 2003, Journal of Marketing, 68, (April), 72-87.

Working papers:
Jacob Abernethy, Theodoros Evgeniou, and Jean Philippe Vert (2004), An Optimization Framework for Adaptive Questionnaire Design, INSEAD Working Paper.

Michael Bartl, Johann Fuller, Holger Ernst, and Hans Muhlbacher, Managerial Perspectives on Virtual Customer Integration: Cognition, Attitude, and Intention, Working Paper, University of Innsbruck, January 2004

Theodoros Evgeniou and Massimiliano Pontil (2004), Optimization Conjoint Models for Consumer Heterogeneity, Working Paper, INSEAD.

Johann Fuller, Michael Bartl, Holger Ernst, and Hans Muhlbacher, Community Based Innovation: A Method to Utilize the Innovative Protential of Online Communities, Working paper, University of Innsbruck, January 2004.

Rajeev Kohli and Kamel Jedidi (2005), Representation of Lexicographic Preference Models and their Variants, Columbia University Working Paper.

Olivier Toubia (2005) Idea Generation, Creativity, and Incentives, Columbia University Working Paper.

Olivier Toubia and John R. Hauser (2005), Note on Managerial Efficiency, Working Paper, April.

Olivier Toubia, John R. Hauser, and Rosanna Garcia (2005), Generalized Polyhedral Methods for Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis, Working Paper.

Michael Yee, John Hauser, James Orlin, and Ely Dahan (2005), Greedoid-Based Non-compensatory Two-Stage Consideration-then-Choice Inference, under review, Marketing Science.

Download abstracts:

Ely Dahan, "Securities Trading of Concepts."

Drazen Prelec, "Information Pump."

Download bibliography:

Virtual Customer Initiative, "Conjoint References."

Virtual Customer in the News:

Have it Your Way, Forbes, February 14, 2005, pages 78-86.

Data, Darwin and the New CEO, By Consolidating Consumer Opinion, MIT Finds a New Way to Succeed (or Fail) Faster Than Ever, Advertising Age's Point Magazine, April 4, 2005.

Better Products Through Virtual Customers, MIT Sloan Management Review, Reprint 4231; Spring 2001, Volume 42, Number 3, p. 14.

Enlisting Virtual Customers to Aid in New Product Development, AMS Newsletter, Issue No. 10, August 2001.

Virtual Customer Initiative: The End of Unadapted Products? Journal du Net.

Friendly Spies on the Net , Business Week, July 9, 2001.

John D. C. Little Prize Video, "Marketing Science 2000 Best Papers" (Real Player video)

MIT Sloan PhD student Michael Yee has been working with Professors John Hauser, Jim Orlin, and Ely Dahan on new methods for non-compensatory preference measurement. See Greedoid-Based Non-compensatory Consideration-then-Choice Inference.