• Admissions Criteria

    Enrollment in the Visiting Fellows Program does not imply subsequent admission into an MIT degree program. Visiting Fellows typically have one or more university degrees and several years of work experience before they apply to the program. Visiting Fellows who successfully complete their course of study will receive a program certificate from MIT Sloan.

    The Visiting Fellows brings together cohorts from various backgrounds and walks of life. We take great care to make sure that students are prepared for the high level of academic rigor experienced in the Sloan classroom and are capable of keeping up with other Sloan students.

    There are two key steps to the admissions process:

    • Application Review: The admissions committee reviews your application materials. Should your application be recommended for admission, the committee will submit your application to faculty advisors who are experts in your areas of interest.
    • Acceptance by an Advisor: Faculty advisors review applications recommended by the committee and make the final decisions on admission to the Visiting Fellows Program. As stewards of your academic experience at Sloan, faculty advisors will recommend courses as well as extracurricular academic activities such as seminars and conferences that correspond with your area of study.