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  • Course Registration

    MIT Sloan Visiting Fellow students may register between 36 – 54 units, which is usually 4 -  6 courses during your semester. MIT Sloan manages class enrollments by having students “bid” for courses. Bidding allows students to rank their top choices, and indicate how much they want a particular class over another.

    The course bidding is broken up into Round I, Round II, Add/Drop, and Waitlist. The mechanics of bidding for courses are the following:

    • Every student receives 1000 points to spend, and the minimum bid is 1 point, and maximum bid is 1000 points.
    • Students should bid more points on courses you have higher desire to enroll.
    • You will be allowed to modify your bids and enrollment throughout an open round.
    • All bids are resolved at the end of each round.
    • The Add/Drop Round is the only time-sensitive round.
    • As a non-degree student, Visiting Fellows don’t have priority to bid for courses; you will only be allowed to bid in Round II, during the Add/Drop period and add your name to the Waitlist.
    • Round I is reserved for degree seeking students who may require registration in core courses. This may result in a limited availability in course selection.
    • When bidding for courses, you will be able to note the number of seats filled vs. capacity for that particular class.
    • There are typically more entrepreneurship and innovation courses available during the spring term.