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SharePoint Site Biocon  <h4>Authors: Archana Kalegaonkar, Jonathan Lehrich, <a href=''>Richard M. Locke</a></h4>Biocon India Group has just formed a new subsidiary, Clinigene, to provide services in clinical trials. Concerns abound, however, as to whether this new subsidiary could prove to be a distraction or worse to this enzyme and pharmaceutical manufacturer. 13 months ago
SharePoint Site Compsis at a Crossroads  <h4>Authors: Jonathan Lehrich, Paul John Paredes, Ramesh Ravikumar</h4>In 2004, after a year of declining revenues, Brazilian startup Compsis, the leading systems integrator for electronic toll collection in Brazil, was considering whether and how to enter new markets, particularly the United States. 13 months ago
SharePoint Site Conexia: Entering the U.S. Market  <h4>Authors: Katie Barrett, Anand Mohanrangan, Teru Tanaka, Yipeng Zhao</h4>Since 2003, Buenos Aires-based Conexia had grown successfully by providing electronic billing and reconciliation services to the Argentinean healthcare market. In 2010, the company was preparing to enter the U.S. market, where healthcare, insurance, and payment providers were in rapid flux. 13 months ago
SharePoint Site CX Technology  <h4>Authors: Ketan Bhole, Jordan Lee, Eileen Lu, Indrajit Sen</h4>In early 2009, Taiwan-based CX Technology was looking for new markets to enter. A leading manufacturer of cold-forged steel, the company was considering entering the automotive industry as a Tier 2 supplier. At a time when the future of the U.S. automotive industry was in peril, the question was where and how. 13 months ago
SharePoint Site Digital Divide Data  <h4>Authors: Anju Mathew, Grete Rød, Jaime Villalobos, David Yates</h4>Digital Divide Data had grown from a small IT outsourcing company in Cambodia to an internationally recognized social enterprise. In 2009, the company was weighing how best to grow while safeguarding its social mission: to offer training and employment to disadvantaged youth. 13 months ago
SharePoint Site Ecommerce at Yunnan Lucky Air  <h4>Authors: Inaki Berenguer, Liu Jing, Li Liang, Cai Shijun, Ningya Wang</h4>In 2008, China-based Yunnan Lucky Air, a low-cost, domestic airline modeled after Southwest Airlines in the United States, was searching for new competitive advantages in China’s increasingly competitive yet heavily regulated airline industry. Ecommerce was being looked to as one growth strategy. 13 months ago
SharePoint Site Empowering Lives in Kenya: The Chebaiywa Clinic  <h4>Authors: Paul Cassleman, Burt LaFountain, Brian Newkirk, Akbar Thobhani</h4>In the small western Kenya community of Kipkaren, the faith-based Empowering Lives International ran a clinic offering basic medical care. In early 2009, David Tarus reflected on the development of his organization, its role in the community, and the mission he and his colleagues served, while keeping the recent mandate from the organization’s board in mind: making the clinic financially sustainable. 13 months ago
SharePoint Site I+MED Laboratories: Expanding Beyond Thailand  <h4>Authors: Jennifer Jeng, Laura Rieber, Gautam Shewakramani, Irina Starikova</h4>Rapid-test manufacturer i+MED wanted to be the missing link between Thailand’s national research and development laboratories and the global biotechnology markets. In 2009, eight years after its founding, i+MED was ready to launch its first breakthrough product outside of Thailand. The company had set its sights on India. 13 months ago
SharePoint Site Kibernum  <h4>Authors: Benjamin Black, Ajit Dansingani, Dong Min Kim</h4>In early 2008, in response to new labor laws and increasingly complex staffing requests from clients, Chile-based Kibernum was in the process of evolving from an IT professional staffing firm to a full-fledged software factory. A team of MIT Sloan students was helping the company develop its new business plan. But with only three weeks on-site, the team needed to decide where it should focus its efforts in order to be a truly effective partner. 13 months ago
SharePoint Site Mercy Corps and KeBal Healthy Food Carts: Sustaining and Scaling Up  <h4>Authors: Erica Carlisle, Chris Lin, Libby Putman, Emily Sporl</h4>In early 2010, Mercy Corps, a global nongovernmental organization (NGO), wanted to find a way to turn its KeBal pilot project, which sold nutritious food from food carts to kids in Jakarta, Indonesia, into a self-sustaining, scalable business that would benefit the local communities. Although the Mercy Corps office had concluded that growth would be best served by franchising, that conclusion left them with further questions. 13 months ago
SharePoint Site Pakistan: A Story of Technology, Entrepreneurs and Global Networks  <h4>Authors: Tania Aidrus, Sarah Bird, Sameer Sabir</h4>In 2007, Asad Jamal, a Pakistani-born entrepreneur and founder of ePlanet Ventures, a technology-based fund, wondered whether his firm should be one of the first entrants in the largely untapped market of Pakistan. The country’s political, economic, and social situation posed a number of opportunities and risks that Jamal had to weigh very carefully. 13 months ago
SharePoint Site  <h4>Authors: Kevin Anthony, Roger Erdong Chen, Aaron Rackoff, Wai Yan Wong</h4>In 2008, startup, a China-based, peer-to-peer online video provider, was under pressure to deliver profits and a larger user base. With several growth strategies to choose from, needed to make a decision—one that would appeal to potential investors. 13 months ago
SharePoint Site Resolute Marine Energy: Power in Waves  2 weeks ago
SharePoint Site Srinivasan Services Trust: Combating Poverty with Entrepreneurship  <h4>Authors: Racheal Rutendo Chimbghandah, Shirley Xue Li, Marie No, Jennifer Louise Tutak</h4>Since 1996, Srinivasan Services Trust (SST) had successfully improved the lives of thousands of rural Indians by helping establish village enterprises. In late 2009, SST Chairman Ashoke Joshi was trying to decide what role the trust should play in helping beneficiaries scale up their enterprises and increase their profits. 13 months ago

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