George Roth

Principal Research Associate
Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development


George Roth
George Roth focuses on leadership, culture, learning, and change to develop and test theories and practices that advance managerial effectiveness in commercial and government organizations.

He is currently responsible for the Enterprise Change Research Program in MIT's joint Sloan Management and Engineering School's Lean Advancement Initiative (LAI - His research in this lab develops and tests change theories applicable to enterprise value streams. In today's global markets, most organizations function within multiple value streams. However, current theories for managing organizational change were developed in the context of large, hierarchically-oriented, mindfully-structured, tightly-coupled organizational systems. A multi-organizational enterprise system has a nearly opposite context; its enterprise value streams are polycentric, chaotically-structured, and loosely-coupled systems. These differences require enterprise theories to be developed and tested in the context of new organizational assumptions. Based on studies of companies that thrive in multi-organization value streams a set of capabilities associated with successful enterprise changes are being identified and tested.

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