2021–2022 Year in Review

Dear Alumni and Friends,

The year 2021 brought many opportunities and changes to MIT Sloan’s campus and our wider community, testing our flexibility and challenging us to invent the future. The year brought students, faculty, and staff back to campus at full capacity. It brought us hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 attestations and tests. It saw us prioritizing and reprioritizing, creating plans and reworking them. It found us underlining our commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and launching exciting new initiatives. Yet, in the midst of it all, we held fast to the things that you know to be true about the MIT Sloan community—that we are resilient, hardworking, and relentlessly ambitious—and ended the year even stronger than we started it.

In 2021, we also marked the end of the Institute-wide Campaign for a Better World. In the ten years of this capital campaign, nearly 15,000 of you—our MIT Sloan alumni and friends—responded to the school’s call to action to make a better world our business, giving of your time, your energy, and your resources to bolster our many goals and endeavors. Most importantly, you supported the people of MIT Sloan: our students through your generosity to the fellowship program, and our faculty and the great minds involved in our many centers and initiatives through your investment in their ideas. It is your support that enables our people to do extraordinary work. They are tackling important challenges facing the world today in every arena, from sustainability to food security to financial systems. They are applying machine learning and analytics to medicine. They are learning and growing into the principled, innovative leaders of the future who, through the companies they start, the organizations where they work, the people they hire, and the lessons they carry forward into their lives and careers, are making—will continue to make—the world a wiser, more dynamic, more inclusive place.

Looking back on 2021 also makes me look forward to the many things that I know the MIT Sloan community can and will accomplish. MIT’s Campaign for a Better World has come to an end, yet we still find that a better world is our business, and that it will continue to be so a year, a decade, or a century from now. For this, and for the many other reasons you will find within these pages, I am proud to present the 2021 edition of our “A Year Made to Matter” report. I hope it makes you proud as well, and that you will enjoy reading about some of the major milestones our people and programs achieved last year. Please take this as an opportunity to look forward with us to what the future at MIT Sloan will bring.

Very best,
Kathryn Hawkes 
Associate Dean Office of External Relations and Global Programs 

A Year Made to Matter