A Better World in the Making

Imagine a world in which profit and human prosperity are inextricably linked. In which economically viable healthcare is a given, technology enhances human work, and sustainability is at the center of every corporate agenda. In a world like this, tough problems wouldn’t be considered intractable, but solvable.

A More Sustainable Future

“Sustainability is the primary moral and economic imperative of the 21st century.” So declares Lord Mervyn King, influential economist and former governor of the Bank of England.

Here at MIT Sloan, much of our wide-ranging work continues to be focused on the critical goal of a sustainable business future: one where the truly epochal benefits of trade itself are balanced with the needs of the planet and its people. While the expansion of trade has driven the kind of technological innovation and poverty reduction our ancestors could only dream of, we also witness a world in which unchecked growth—and reckless business practice—endangers the fundamental well-being of populations and biospheres alike.

That’s why our work at MIT Sloan is consciously and consistently directed toward actualizing a tomorrow where organizations are healthy and stable; where economies are profitable and responsible; and where natural resources are harnessed effectively, efficiently, and cleanly. The simple fact is: We have no choice. As a species, we must—consciously, rationally, and with the benefit of rigorous research—evolve the mechanisms that have brought us so much benefit, lest they hasten our undoing. And for better or worse, here in the early 21st century, such a statement is not hyperbolic. A truly sustainable future is not only the most efficient, desirable, and ethical future: It is the only survivable one.

Our latest newsletter contains much cause for hope. From social to economic to environmental sustainability, we at MIT Sloan are developing and uncovering research-based innovations across every aspect of business practice. We’re proud to share some of them here. Because together, we will build the future that we owe not only to our children, and ourselves, but also to those who will arrive long after.


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Erik Brynjolfsson

The world waiting to be fixed is our own. We are the ones who can create a better world: The tools are already within our grasp. The dedicated partners of MIT Sloan have all put themselves to work on distinct aspects of this task. 

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