We are pleased to offer our reunion classes access to Virtual Reunion Class Books from BrightCrowd. Your class book is a way to catch up with your classmates and is immediately viewable after submitting your page. You can edit your page, search for hobbies and interests you share with classmates, and even view a map highlighting the cities where your classmates reside.

A BrightCrowd welcome email was sent to your primary email address on file (for most of you this will be your address) with an access code and instructions to set up your page and view your class book. See FAQs below for more help.

Access Your Class Books

  • MBA Class Books

    SM 1961SM alumni who graduated in 1961.

    SM 1966SM alumni who graduated in 1966.

    SM 1971SM alumni who graduated in 1971.

    SM 1976SM alumni who graduated in 1976.

    SM 1981SM alumni who graduated in 1981.

    SM 1986SM alumni who graduated in 1986.

    SM 1991SM/LGO alumni who graduated in 1991.

    SM 1996SM/LGO alumni who graduated in 1996.

    MBA 2001MBA/LGO/SDM alumni who graduated in 2001.

    MBA 2006MBA/LGO/SDM alumni who graduated in 2006.

    MBA 2011MBA/LGO/SDM alumni who graduated in 2011.

    MBA 2016MBA/LGO/SDM alumni who graduated in 2016.

    MBA 2020MBA/LGO/SDM/IDM alumni who graduated in 2020.

  • Combined Program Class Books

    Sloan FellowsSloan Fellows alumni in all reunion years through 2019.

    Sloan Fellows 2020Sloan Fellows alumni in the class of 2020.

    EMBAEMBA alumni in all reunion years through 2019.

    EMBA 2020EMBA alumni in the class of 2020.

    MFinMFin alumni in all reunion years through 2019.

    MFin 2020MFin alumni in the class of 2020.

    Senior ExecutivesSenior Executives alumni in all reunion years.

    MOTMOT alumni in all reunion years.

    MSMSMSMS alumni in all reunion years

  • 2021 Graduates

    MBA 2021MBA/LGO/SDM/IDM alumni who graduate in 2021.

    Sloan Fellows 2021Sloan Fellows alumni who graduate in 2021.

    EMBA 2021EMBA alumni who graduate in 2021.

    MFin 2021MFin alumni who graduate in 2021.

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