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The MIT Sloan Student-Alumni Mentoring program brings together students and alumni in purposeful, mutually rewarding relationships, using an online platform to introduce students to alumni from different class years, programs, and industries.Interested in participating? Email the Office of External Relations at or call 617-253-1557.

For Alumni Mentors

Join the MIT Sloan Alumni-Student Mentoring program and you provide support, job search advice, and career guidance to a current MIT Sloan student who will benefit from your unique experience and skills.

As a successful member of the MIT Sloan alumni community, you are in a unique position to inspire, motivate, and support MIT Sloan students. Your knowledge, experience, and insight will help students understand the opportunities and challenges they will face after graduation. Mentoring is an easy way to make a real, lasting impact on the MIT Sloan community.

Become a mentor today. Email the Office of External Relations at or call 617-253-1557.

Inspire excellence. Stay connected. Build community.

  • Be a mentor on your terms

    Participants provide information about their areas of study, career interests and career paths, and other interests to create detailed profiles. Students learn about and request mentors based on these profiles, and alumni choose to mentor the students they feel they can best support. Because you as an alumni mentor opt into the program and work directly with mentees to set parameters around how often you will communicate, you build relationships in the way that works best for you. 

  • Stay connected to innovation that defines MIT Sloan

    When you serve as a mentor, you’ll have regular, direct contact with a student who is immersed in the creative, innovative community of MIT Sloan. While students benefit from your experience and insight, they’ll in turn, share with you the new ideas that are shaping the future of business.

  • Build tomorrow’s community of successful professionals

    When you serve as a mentor, you form meaningful, rewarding relationships that prepare students to be better employees and leaders, inspire them to stay connected with MIT Sloan, and motivate them to support the next generation of students. Mentors help perpetuate, grow, and strengthen MIT Sloan’s global alumni network.

For Students

When you join the MIT Sloan Alumni-Student Mentoring program, you gain insights and connections that can help you reach your professional goals. Your mentor will share advice and experience, and give you a personal connection to executives and MIT Sloan alumni from around the world. You’ll build your network and gain a new perspective what’s to come after graduation.

Find a mentor today. Email the Office of External Relations at or call 617-253-1557.

Build your network. Expand your horizons. Find new opportunities.

  • One-on-one connection

    Mentors and students form supportive relationships and connect one-on-one in a relaxed, informal way. Your mentor will share personal experiences, offer advice, and answer complex questions. It’s a valuable relationship that enhances your experience at MIT Sloan.

  • An easier way to find a mentor

    Participants provide information about areas of study, career interests and career paths, and shared interests to create detailed profiles. Because matches are suggested based on this profile data, they are more logical and relevant. Identifying the right mentor is no longer a time-consuming search.

  • Build your community and expand your opportunities

    Access the MIT Sloan alumni network with support from your mentor. This access connects you to thousands of executives working in different geographies, industries, and job functions, sharing with you the various career paths you might choose after graduation.

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