MIT Sloan Executive Elective Treks 2022

The MIT Executive Degree Programs Office is planning three international elective treks for which EMBA and SFMBA Alumni from the Classes of 2020 and 2021 can participate. We will cover the costs of three/four nights in our designated hotel, sightseeing activities, and some meals during the elective period. 


  • Why are we doing this?

    During your time as a student, an international experience was not possible due to the pandemic and we know this was an important learning opportunity that you missed. We want to keep the promise we made to you as a student, and we hope you continue to engage meaningfully with MIT Sloan and the community as an alum. 

  • How will this work?

    The MIT Executive Degree Programs Office is planning three international elective treks for which EMBA and SFMBA Alumni from the Classes of 2020 and 2021 can participate. We will cover the costs of three/four nights in our designated hotel, sightseeing activities, and some meals during the elective period. 

  • What are the cities and dates?

    Tel Aviv, Israel – March 12-16, 2022

    Dubai & Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) – March 16-19, 2022

    Lima, Peru – June 19-22, 2022

  • What is the agenda?

    The first day in each city will offer an evening reception to connect with classmates, alumni from different cohorts, and local alumni from other class years. The remaining three days will have academic content for two days and one day of sightseeing. Tel Aviv will include a day of travel. 

  • Who are the faculty and what are the topics for the electives? 

    Israel taught by Jake Cohen - The Israeli Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem United Arab Emirates (UAE) taught by Jake Cohen - The UAE’s Economic Transformation and Diversification Peru taught by Roberto Rigobon - Sustainability and Central Banking

  • Why were these cities chosen?

    Each city was chosen based on recommendations from faculty and the Program Team. We focused on cities/countries with high vaccination rates and cities that pertain to the content. 

  • Can I travel to more than one city?

    Our goal is yes, you can attend more than one trek. However, this is the first time we have offered international elective treks. Therefore, we have no data to understand demand. If interested in any of the options, we require that you complete a survey in which you will indicate what cities you would like to attend as well as rank your preferences. We will communicate by the end of January what cities you can attend with the goal of allowing everyone to attend all the locations they selected. We will then give instructions on booking arrangements.

  • How will the hotel be paid for?

    When booking with our designated hotel, the charges will go to our credit card on file. When booking, you will be asked for a credit card for any incidentals/room service/etc. The credit card will also be used to cover the room costs if you cancel within 14 days from the start of the trip.

  • Can alumni extend the trip?

    Yes! The Program Team will not be involved in planning or logistics if you extend your time in the host city.

  • If we attended this trip as a student, what costs would have been covered and by whom?

    The only international trip within the EMBA Program is part of Global Labs. Students would have travelled to host companies in various locations depending on the course and host project. The costs were paid directly by the host company and covered airfare and hotel accommodation only. EMBA tuition has never been used to cover Global Labs travel costs. The SFMBA Program does not include an international trip as part of core courses, instead they are offered as part of electives with a similar funding model from host companies as described above. SFMBA students were able to participate in the NYC Module in October and the Washington D.C. Module in March. Hotel accommodations and some meals were included but not any transportation.  

  • Is travel guaranteed?

    No, as we must follow MIT Travel policies. If a force majeure* event occurs that would interrupt global and domestic travel at the time of the trip, the Institute would review and advise of cancellation. Attendees would be communicated to as soon as possible.

    *Force majeure includes community-wide health and safety concerns, strikes, riots, fires, explosions, extreme weather war, terrorism, governmental action, outbreak of disease or illness in the host city, curtailing of transportation facilities preventing or unreasonably delaying event attendees from appearing, or any other causes which are beyond the control of the parties making it inadvisable, illegal, or impossible to hold the meeting or provide the facility.

  • I had hoped this would be a trip only for my class, is that possible?

    Unfortunately, we are not designating the treks this way. In order to provide the best learning opportunity for each individual, we wanted to provide multiple options. There will be numerous ways your class can engage together on-campus during January Executive Electives and your class could decide to start a trip early or stay later. We also have had classes self-organize trips for their class.

  • I cannot make any of these dates work. Will there be additional options?

    Unfortunately, we are only running these three international treks. In the past, MIT’s Office of Alumni Relations offered international trips you could register for and pay for. We are uncertain when those trips will resurface and only a limited seats were available.  

  • Do I need to be COVID-19 vaccinated to travel?

    Yes, we will ask for proof of vaccination when checking into the hotel. In addition, it is your responsibility to understand the country’s COVID-19 vaccine and testing requirements and follow suit. MIT will accept all vaccines that have received either Emergency Use Authorization or final approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, as well as those vaccines with an emergency use listing from the World Health Organization.

  • Will MIT assist with travel visas, passport information, or other vaccines needed to enter the country?

    No. We recommend you look at all entry requirements to enter the country or countries you plan to travel. You will be responsible to ensure you have any necessary travel (tourist) visas, an up-to-date passport, and any vaccines required. Since countries have varying requirements and alumni live around the world, it is each individual’s responsibility to ensure compliance for entry. We recommend visiting your country’s state department and/or public health department websites.

Course Descriptions

What are the next steps? 

  • Please fill out this survey indicating your interest by Friday, December 31
    Complete my interest survey
  • We are hosting an open Q&A on these treks:
  • Interested in learning who may travel to each trek? During January Executive Electives, we will provide a classroom for alumni attending to connect on the treks. 
    • Thursday, January 6th - 7:50-8:15 a.m. in E62-262
    • Friday, January 7th - 7:50-8:15 a.m. in E62-262.

Have Additional Questions? 

We strongly encourage you to attend the open Q&A before contacting staff with questions. If this is not possible, please contact Becca Souza at