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MIT Sloan to Participate in 2021 National Alumni Career Mobility Survey

Continuing our commitment to equity in career outcomes, MIT Sloan is launching its second alumni career survey this fall to gather longitudinal data about graduates, including career outcomes and salaries. The data supports the school in highlighting post-graduation career paths and pivots; and is a resource for current and future alumni to support their career planning and success. The survey supports diversity and equity efforts by allowing the school to benchmark and compare alumni career paths and salary data across demographics, and analyze trends by gender, ethnicity, and race.

MIT Sloan has been an innovator in career outcomes data, driving employment reporting standards among our peer schools. This year, some of our peer schools are joining in this collaboration we launched with the Career Leadership Collective last year.

MIT Sloan’s Alumni Career Mobility Survey will be open from November 2021 through December 2021 for the collection of career outcomes, satisfaction, and salary data from MIT Sloan master’s degree graduates from the classes of 2011 and 2016.

At graduation, MIT Sloan graduates secure similar opportunities with equal pay, but is this still true 5 and 10 years into their careers? This is an important question, and alumni participation in this survey will provide answers that will inform how the school can better support equity and opportunity for alumni as they chart a course for success.

For more information about the Career Leadership Collective and the National Alumni Career Mobility Survey, please visit

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