a tea kettle with purple and red steam to illustrate the mounting pressure of mental health
Ideas Made to Matter Entrepreneurship

How a mental health app founder improved his wellness

Entrepreneurial mental health is built on a foundation of resilience, patience, and separating your identity from your company.

May 19, 2020
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hand holding a lightbulb streaming colored lines representing data analytics
Ideas Made to Matter Analytics

Analytics tips from successful startups

Startups have a clean slate when building out their analytics practice. Here’s what they’ve learned.

May 14, 2020
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A photoillustration of TIAA CEO Roger Ferguson
Ideas Made to Matter My Idea Made to Matter

This CEO gets ideas from ‘inside out’ and ‘outside in’

New ideas at TIAA are developed ‘outside in,’ ‘inside out,’ and with a purpose — financial well-being and retirement security for the organization’s clients.

May 13, 2020
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Piggybank wearing a face mask representing financial impact of COVID-19
Ideas Made to Matter Venture Capital

5 trends in venture capital (beyond the pandemic)

Change is afoot in venture capital, from machine learning to the impacts of COVID-19. Here’s a quick primer on what’s happening now.

Apr 22, 2020
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Illustration of someone painting stars on a wall
Ideas Made to Matter Digital Economy

Study: Consumers value reviews over occupational licenses

Occupational licensing raises costs, new research finds, but consumers hiring a painter or contractor care more about price and online reviews.

Apr 15, 2020
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Mikkel Christopher smiles at the camera with a mint green background
Ideas Made to Matter My Idea Made to Matter

Why collaboration should be the rule, not the exception

SPACE10’s Mikkel Christopher embraces crowdsourced innovation and everyday epiphanies.

Apr 8, 2020
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a large wooden sphere with green plants on it sits in a large company lobby with people walking by
Ideas Made to Matter Design

3 things IKEA’s SPACE10 isn’t

And what SPACE10 teaches us about innovation.

Mar 31, 2020
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An illustration of electronic healthcare folders being connected by binary code and lines.
Ideas Made to Matter Health Care

The coronavirus could spark a health care platform revolution

Compatibility issues still hinder implementations, but need is driving platforms forward.

Mar 30, 2020
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Illustration of a shopper on a cell phone in front of a Talbots store.
Ideas Made to Matter Consumer Products

How Talbots embraces omnichannel sales

The women’s fashion retailer is doubling down on catalogs and making stores the center of the customer experience.

Mar 9, 2020
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Illustration of woman diving to show digital transformation
Ideas Made to Matter Innovation

How to master two different digital transformations

Becoming digital isn’t the same as digitization. Here’s how to handle both digital transformations.

Mar 3, 2020
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