Press Source: Outsource Accelerator

4 industries at high risk for AI job disruption: McKinsey

Research found most at-risk jobs lack a clear case for AI automation. "This indicates a more gradual integration of AI into various sectors."

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Ideas Made to Matter Career

How companies can use AI to find and close skills gaps


To train employees on digital skills, companies need precise insight into current workforce skills. Artificial intelligence can help.

Jun 10, 2024
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Press Source: Stanford University | HAI Blog

Digital Economy Lab fellow Alex 'Sandy' Pentland: Building a better, saf...

"I'd like to see us build a better digital ecosystem so that we can have a thriving, creative, safe society."

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Press Source: The Atlantic

The future of fulfilling work is AI-driven

"If you force people to interact with AI in a completely standardized way, you're missing out on some of the amazing upside of this technology."

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