Press Source: The Economic Times (India)

A nimble organisation adapts quickly to an exponentially changing world....

"The pace of change is accelerating swiftly. A nimble organisation adapts quickly by having three types of leaders."

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Press Source: Inside Higher Ed | Leadership & StratEDgy Blog

Teaching leadership

"...any kind of today's fast-paced, complex world really needs 'distributed leadership'–leadership at all levels."

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Press Source: The Glass Hammer

Diversify the image of corporate leadership to include Asian American wo...

“ is important to note that there are many different leadership capabilities that organizations also need to foster and reward.”

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Press Source: CliffCentral (Podcast)

The science of change with MIT professor, Dr. Deborah Ancona

MIT prof. Deborah Ancona speaks about the Immunity to Change...It’s hard, but you can change when you understand it.

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