Press Source: STAT (Opinion Piece)

6 tactics to make artificial intelligence work on the frontlines

"For top managers, state-of-the art AI tools are a no-brainer. But in the wild, it's often just the opposite for frontline employees."

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Press Source: MedCity News

From Post-it Notes to AI: How AI technology can improve workflow for men...

"There’s been very little research done on the benefits of AI technologies for frontline providers."

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Press Source: The Wall Street Journal (Opinion Piece)

4 mistakes leaders often make when introducing new technology

" ... helping employees to accept new technologies is just as important as making sure the systems work in the first place."

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Press Source: MIT Sloan Management Review (Opinion Piece)

Why workplace hierarchies matter in skill transformation

While...workplace hierarchies can impede learning efforts, there are strategies to bolster the success of training initiatives.

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