Press Source: The New York Times

‘A.I. Obama’ and fake newscasters: How A.I. audio is swarming TikTok

David G. Rand says: “The people who are trying to be deceptive are not going to put the [A.I.] label on their stuff.”

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Press Source: TechCrunch

TikTok debuts new tools and technology to label AI content

TikTok consulted with MIT’s Dr. David G. Rand, whose research has examined how users respond to different types of AI labels.

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Press Source: Thinkers50

Announcing the Thinkers50 2023 Digital Thinking Award shortlist

Professor David Rand’s work bridges the fields of cognitive science, behavioral economics, and social psychology.

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Press Source: The Hill (Opinion Piece)

Have we become too partisan to be swayed? You might be surprised.

"Americans are more receptive to information that challenges their party leader's position than we had previously thought.”

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