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Misinformation: What should our tech overlords do?

"You are even more influenced by fact-checks on false claims that are aligned with your politics compared to ones that aren't."

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Press Source: The Washington Post

Fact-checking COVID-19 posts isn't working. There's a better way.

“It's not necessarily that users don't care about accuracy. But instead, it's that the social media context just distracts them … "

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Press Source: Mashable

Fact-checking study finds everyday news readers have a pretty good bulls...

"There's no one thing that solves the problem of false news online … But we're working to add promising approaches to the ... tool kit.”

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Press Source: The Washington Post (Opinion Piece)

More Republican politicians are endorsing vaccination. It just might wor...

“...vaccination endorsements from elite Republicans...can have an important impact on the vaccination intentions of everyday Republicans.”

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