Press Source: NewsNation

Is Twitter really biased? This study takes a look

"Since 2016, [social media] platforms have been under a huge amount of public pressure to act on misinformation."

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Press Source: Spotify | Gimlet | Science vs (Podcast)

Misinformation: What should our tech overlords do?

"You are even more influenced by fact-checks on false claims that are aligned with your politics compared to ones that aren't."

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Press Source: The Washington Post

Fact-checking COVID-19 posts isn't working. There's a better way.

“It's not necessarily that users don't care about accuracy. But instead, it's that the social media context just distracts them … "

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Press Source: Mashable

Fact-checking study finds everyday news readers have a pretty good bulls...

"There's no one thing that solves the problem of false news online … But we're working to add promising approaches to the ... tool kit.”

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