Press Source: NPR | Planet Money Newsletter

Why even the most elite investors do dumb things when investing

“...even when we look at a sample of extremely talented, highly incentivized expert investors, they are still people."

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Press Source: WCVB-TV (Video)

Bay State companies most in need left out of federal relief loan program

"...the Paycheck Protection Program had a bit of a design flaw. The hardest-hit sectors actually tended to receive the least amount of aid."

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Press Source: The Wall Street Journal

Federal aid helped wide swath of small businesses, needy or not

"...tying financing to payroll expenses had the [likely unintended] consequences of allocating more federal funds to the least affected sector.”

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Press Source: Marketplace | Morning Report

Which businesses got PPP loans? Probably those that needed them the leas...

[Prof.] Schmidt found the biggest loans went to the professional and technical services sector — lots of remote workers, fewer jobs lost.

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