Press Source: The Washington Post

Where do socioeconomic classes mix? Not church, but Chili’s.

The authors analyzed a trove of geolocation data to assess where and when Americans come into contact with people of different income classes.

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Press Source: Harvard Business School | Working Knowledge

It's not all about pay: College grads want jobs that 'change the world'

"This college premium has been a big source of inequality and rising inequality over the past 40 years."

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Press Source: TIME

Income inequality in America hasn't risen in a decade. It may not feel l...

"It's unexpected good news for those of us who have been studying inequality trends for a while."

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Press Source: Quartz

US income inequality hasn't risen for a decade

After decades of increase since the 1980s, income inequality peaked in 2012 and has held steady or perhaps even fallen since.

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