Press Source: Wall Street Journal

The West is still buying Russian oil, but it's now harder to track

"The fact that they are buying more than before the invasion suggests that it's not just because of long-term contracts."

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Press Source: CEPR | VOX EU (Opinion Piece)

How to implement an EU embargo on Russian oil

"The only logical next step is ... to prohibit all Russian oil and oil product exports, and to make it illegal to carry such cargo."

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Press Source: Project Syndicate (Opinion Piece)

Russia is finished as a major energy power

"The United States, Europe, and their allies have all the tools needed to end Russia's energy leverage."

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Press Source: WBUR | Here and Now (Audio)

How Russia's war in Ukraine is shaping American consumers

This is a unique moment: "It's driven by empathy and is driven by looking at what is happening to another people quite a long way away ... "

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