Press Source: MIT Sloan Management Review (Opinion Piece)

Preparing your company for the next recession

"Uncertainty surges dramatically during recessions. Our research has identified three fundamental ways to manage uncertainty."

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Press Source: HR Dive

How to end the Great Resignation, according to MIT researchers

Donald Sull and co-author found that a toxic workplace was the main cause of turnover in their survey sample.

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Press Source: Inc.

These are the top 5 reasons people are quitting during the Great Resigna...

"A toxic corporate culture is by far the strongest predictor of industry-adjusted attrition ..."

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Press Source: Medium | Authority Magazine

Female disruptors: Nhat Nguyen of on the three things you ...

Nhat Nguyen (MBA '21) says: "I love the mission of the company to unlock productivity for people by building innovative tools ... "

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