Press Source: KCBS Radio (Audio)

Expert warns Elon Musk's Twitter purchase may be 'really bad for democra...

"There are obviously a lot of questions with regard to the openness of a platform so integral to public discourse if it's taken private."

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Press Source: TechRepublic

4 ideas for understanding and managing the power of algorithms on social...

At The Social Media Summit, conversations ranged from the war in Ukraine and disinformation to transparency in algorithms and responsible AI.

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Press Source: Yahoo Finance (Video)

Why Russia is losing the information war against Ukraine

"Historically, Russia expects to win these information wars when it enters the geopolitical sphere. ... But this time around, they're losing."

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Press Source: The Washington Post (Opinion Piece)

Ukraine is winning the information war

"Ukraine and its partisans are running circles around Putin and his propagandists in the battle for hearts and minds ... "

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