Press Source: Scientific American

A massive LinkedIn study reveals who actually helps you get that job

"If you get a recommendation for somebody, and you don't see what the connection could possibly be, they still might be worth exploring."

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Press Source: TIME

Looking for a new job? Ask someone you barely know

"What this study shows is that the cliche about how important it is to network is true."

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Press Source: Yahoo Finance (Video)

Elon Musk 'is in over his head' with Twitter deal, expert says

"Running Twitter isn't as easy as colonizing Mars or electrifying the automotive industry around the world."

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Press Source: KCBS Radio (Audio)

Expert warns Elon Musk's Twitter purchase may be 'really bad for democra...

"There are obviously a lot of questions with regard to the openness of a platform so integral to public discourse if it's taken private."

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