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Source: The Washington Post (Opinion Piece)

GameStop signals a new, destabilizing collision between social media and...

“...if social media can disrupt markets, it creates an incentive for economic terrorism and provides an opening for America's enemies."

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Source: Bloomberg Law (Podcast)

Can Trump be prosecuted for inciting the Capitol riot?

Sinan Aral...discusses how the signs of violence could be seen in social media well before the riot.

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Source: Yahoo Finance (Video)

Analyzing the 'information role' big tech has in the coordination, motiv...

"My biggest concern is that social media platforms...will be used to motivate, coordinate, and mobilize further violence."

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Source: Cheddar (Video)

'Breaking up Facebook is like putting a band-aid on a tumor' says MIT pr...

Sinan Aral, director of MIT's Initiative on the Digital Economy, MIT Sloan joins Cheddar to discuss Section 230 and the future of social media.

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