Press Source: Communications of the ACM (Opinion Piece)

Boeing's 737 MAX: A failure of management, not just technology

"For aircraft...and many other products and services, governments rely mainly on companies to police themselves..."

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Press Source: Quartz

What if antitrust regulators forced Google to sell Chrome?

Owning the world's most popular web browser gives Google an opening to snoop on users' browsing activity in new ways.

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Press Source: Marketplace (Audio)

IBM evolves yet again … this time into the cloud

In tech, commodities don't come with high-profit margins. So IBM started dipping its toe into the cloud business.

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Press Source: The Economist

Google's problems are bigger than just the antitrust case

Alphabet is a conglomerate of businesses that sometimes appear to have little in common. Michael Cusumano says It might be a “one-trick pony”.

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