Press Source: Reuters

Apple-backed study finds rise in data breaches as iPhone maker defends e...

In the first nine months of 2023, U.S. data breaches increased by 20% compared to the full year 2022.

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Press Source: The Wall Street Journal (Subscription Required) (Opinion Piece)

How AI will change the workplace

"By getting access to companies' internal emails and nonpublic reports, hackers can use AI to generate very convincing messages."

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Press Source: Harvard Business Review (Opinion Piece)

Cyber thieves are getting more creative

"Misinformation can be most effective and deceptive when it is combined with large amounts of true and accurate information."

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Press Source: The Washington Post

Could electric vehicles be hacked?

Prof. Stuart Madnick says federal law doesn't require companies to report ransomware payments beyond those affecting critical infrastructure.

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