Press Source: ABC News

Shields up: How a possible cyberattack could affect Americans and how to...

Stuart Madnick warned that cyberattacks on the Ukrainian computer systems could potentially spill over to other regions.

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Press Source: Communiciations of the ACM (Opinion Piece)

Bursting a few balloons regarding the famous DARPA red balloon challenge

"It is timely to reflect back on the DARPA Network Challenge in 2009 … some important details have not previously been reported.”

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Press Source: ZDNet (Video)

The threat from hackers is getting worse – and ignorance isn't an excuse...

“We have found that the number and magnitude of breaches has been increasing. So the trend is clearly in the wrong direction.”

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Press Source: Harvard Business Review (Opinion Piece)

Navigating cybersecurity risks in international trade

" ... digital products sold across borders are subject to increased scrutiny and controls, and can be targeted for bans ... by host governments."

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