Press Source: The Economist

Markets think interest rates could stay high for a decade or more

In the low-rate 2010's "It was easy for relatively inefficient companies to stay afloat, so there wasn't much creative destruction."

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Press Source: Financial Times (Subscription Required)

US Federal Reserve set to hold interest rates but leave tightening in pl...

"I think they still have another hike in them at some point ... there is still more momentum in underlying inflation than we expected."

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Press Source: The Wall Street Journal (Subscription Required)

Why central bankers are unsure whether they’ve raised rates enough

"You know where you want to go. You know where the summit is, but there are no more markers and you have to feel your way."

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Press Source: Bloomberg (Audio)

MIT professor Forbes on expectation from Jackson Hole

Kristin Forbes discusses her outlook for the economy and policy ahead of Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's speech.

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