Press Source: VOX EU | CEPR (UK) (Opinion Piece)

Pandemic inflation and nonlinear, global Phillips curves

If governments and central banks are too slow in removing the stimulus ... demand will continue to outpace supply.

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Press Source: The Wall Street Journal

Dashing Fed's hopes, low unemployment becomes an inflation threat

"In Europe they chose to take the route of furloughing people, and they were still connected and had a job to come back to."

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Press Source: Reuters

Flexibility key for central banks navigating Omicron variant uncertainty

"On the supply side, it means the inflationary pressures will probably persist even longer."

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Press Source: The New York Times

The White House says its plans will slow inflation. The big question is:...

… this is the wrong moment to hit the economy with any added juice. … “We certainly don't have a lot of spare workers today.”

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