Press Source: Hindustan Times

India could have 2.87 lakh Covid-19 cases per day by 2021 winter if no c...

... the top ten countries by projected daily infection rates at the end of winter 2021 are India with 2.87 lakh infections per day ...

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Press Source: The Washington Post

Mexico City deaths spiked to three times normal during covid-19 outbreak...

A new study done by three scholars at the MIT Sloan School of Management estimates total covid-19 deaths for 84 countries at roughly 600,000 ...

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Press Source: The Economist

Covid-19 is here to stay. People will have to adapt

Based on research in 84 countries, a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reckons that, for each recorded case, 12 go unrecorded ..

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Press Source: The Hill

New MIT study says actual number of coronavirus cases is 12 times higher...

“The magnitude of [the] epidemic is widely under-reported with much variation globally ...”

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