Press Source: Bloomberg

Bitcoin drop risks extending slide to a fifth consecutive week

Christian Catalini and Antoinette Schoar ... who have done extensive studies of the sector say the "digital gold" argument is overblown.

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Press Source: London School of Economics Business Review

Natural experiments in labour economics and beyond

... we invited our panels of economists to comment on the work of the winners of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

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Press Source: TIME

Bitcoin is still concentrated in a few hands, study finds

“This ... most likely is an understatement since we cannot rule out that some of the largest addresses are controlled by the same entity."

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Press Source: London School of Economics - LSE Business Review

Would society be better off were Facebook to divest WhatsApp and Instagr...

"Less concentration in social media is important. But the benefits to society depend on how the ownership of personal data will be regulated."

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