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U.S. oil refiners are doing well, even though gasoline prices are down

"Increases in the crack spread [the difference between the cost of oil and the cost to refine it] recently has been just supply and demand."

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Is Biden to blame for higher gas prices? Drivers pay more in 93 countrie...

"The world market is so big and so vast, it's hard for even a big country and an economic powerhouse like ourselves to have a large impact."

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Press Source: The New York Times

Why gas prices are so high

"10 years from now, that oil well may not be earning profits [which] is creating a disincentive to drill."

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Press Source: Yahoo News

GOP attacks on Biden for high gas prices don't add up, expert says

"We would still be facing $120 [a barrel] oil even if we produced as much oil as we consumed right now."

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