Press Source: Environment+Energy Leader

Navigating the U.S. job market's transition to renewable energy

High carbon footprints in areas with a lot of manufacturing is more likely to be missed when examining the transition to a zero-carbon economy.

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Press Source: Fast Company

This map shows where the shift to clean energy will most affect jobs

"The impact on jobs of the energy transition is ... going to be all the way up and down the value chain of things we make in the U.S."

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Press Source: WBUR (Audio)

Why our high electric bills might be hurting our climate change goals

Radio Boston talks with MIT's Prof. Chris Knittel about how our high electric bills are hurting our battle against climate change.

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Press Source: The Boston Globe (Opinion Piece)

Your electric bill shouldn't be so high. Here's how to fix it.

"Charging the right price for electricity is good economics and will allow Massachusetts to meet its climate goals more cheaply."

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