Press Source: Grist

The IRA has injected $240 billion into clean energy. The US still needs ...

Despite insufficient levels of investment the IRA remains a big win, especially as a symbol of America's commitment to climate action.

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Press Source: Heatmap

A carbon tax is back on the table

Catherine Wolfram says that if the U.S. were to institute a carbon fee, it would be a major step towards a worldwide carbon price.

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Press Source: The Telegraph

How collapsing energy use reveals Britain’s economic disaster

“The pathways to net zero involve significant electrification,” says Catherine Wolfram. “We would be expecting [electricity use] to increase.”

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Press Source: VOX EU | CEPR

How to make the price cap on Russian oil most effective

"For such a large, economically important commodity, we have surprisingly low visibility into the prices that are paid."

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