Press Source: PBS News Hour

How 'prebunking' can fight fast-moving vaccine lies

Speed, distraction and emotions can obscure a person's ability to sniff out misinformation on social media.

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Press Source: Fast Company

Google and MIT prove social media can slow the spread of fake news

"...the point is that the platforms are, by design, constantly distracting people from accuracy.”

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Press Source: Scientific American (Opinion Piece)

Most people don't actively seek to share fake news

"People fall for fake news when they rely on their intuitions and emotions, and therefore don't think enough about what they are reading."

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Press Source: VICE | Motherboard

Confronting disinformation spreaders on Twitter only makes it worse, MIT...

"In a recent paper published in Nature, we found that a simple accuracy nudge...improved the quality of the news [people] shared afterward."

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