Press Source: MIT News

A better way to introduce digital tech in the workplace

"If you want to get value out of new digital technology, you need to allow local teams to adapt the technology to their setting."

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Press Source: Commonwealth Magazine (Opinion Piece)

Nursing homes have made staff gains, but more needed

"...we urge government leaders to continue to make the necessary fund wage increases for our deserving staff..."

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Press Source: WBUR | Cognoscenti (Opinion Piece)

4 things Mass. must do immediately to prevent another COVID-19 crisis in...

"...prioritizing COVID-19 treatment and management in nursing homes has become a critical moral imperative."

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Press Source: The Boston Globe (Opinion Piece)

How to reduce coronavirus deaths in nursing homes

MIT Sloan's Simon Johnson, Kate Kellogg, and Retsef Levi write: "Residents of nursing facilities in Massachusetts are in grave danger."

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