Press Source: The Wall Street Journal

Holiday gift books 2021: Business

“Remote, Inc.” is on this list of "books that offer insight and guidance for negotiating the work-life balance … "

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Press Source: The Good Life Podcast (Audio)

The former president of Fidelity on remote work

Today's guest is [Senior Lecturer] Bob Pozen ... He teaches a course at MIT Sloan called “Maximizing your own Productivity.”

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Press Source: The Hill (Opinion Piece)

To keep the top talent, professional firms must retire the 9-to-5

"Although hours are easy to measure, they are a poor proxy for productivity in a knowledge-based organization."

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Press Source: MarketWatch

Work from home troubles many companies. Here's how to show the boss that...

"In a knowledge-based economy, the hours worked are an input, not an output ... the boss should be mainly interested in results – the outputs."

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